Women Violence Cases has Reached 194 Cases in Palu City

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Palu, Central Sulawesi is still having common attention in cases of violence. Based on the data on Violence Online Information System for the Protection of Women and Children, it was recorded that 194 women were victims of violence in the last few months.

The head the Head of Women’s Protection and Special Protection for Children (DP3A) in Central Sulawesi, said Sukarti, There were at least a total 205 cases of violence with 194 female victims and 27 male. In a case of violence, one of case can be more than one victim.

“If based on the scene, most cases violence occurs in households. Households are the source of violence with 120 victims of 124 cases. Furthermore, for the perpetrators of violence, there were 170 men and the women are 24, he said.
“From that data, a man dominate who perpetrators of violence against women. Meanwhile, violence with relationships, at most are married couples.

Reporter: Yohanes Clemens

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