Viral the video of Minister Education and Culture (Mendikbud): Governor has Request to Open School Immediately

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Palu City, after the video duration of three minutes the Minister of Education and Culture, Nadiem Makarim related to relaxation of school opening arrangements, welcome to a number of a number of teachers and parents in Palu City.

As known, in the past two months has even zero positive covid 19 in Palu City. Therefore, with a policy of relaxation is opening school hours in the green zone, The Minister of Education and Culture was suddenly supported of the teachers and guardians of the students.

Syarifuddin, guardians of elementary school in Palu are admitted that study hours at school are a realistic policy. Not parnoholic and facilitate and ease the burden on guardians of students whose economies are increasingly stagnant. “ASN and TNI/Polri difficulties with the new budget for are purchasing pulses that were never planned before. How about private one? Parents are barely living with income and decreased due to this economy? So it is true that the school has opened again. He said to on Monday August 10, 2020 evening.

Mawarni, Separate honorary teachers at SMP Negeri in Palu Barat also are supporting, ” If there is no face to face what we are eating? if we are teaching online, where do we get credit? Only honorary, only with open a school, Minister Nadiem has already opened a school with conditions.” She is asking.

Both Syafrudin and Mawarni agreed that the Governor of Central Sulawesi would immediately revoke the circular; the school is opening and publishes a new SE. Because then, the children teachers and guardians of students can return to activities.

What do the two suggest? “If the school has opens, the children will still wear masks and wash their hands and sit apart. If necessary, only one class is 20 people, and there is no need for an open canteen or extracurricular activities, after are studying they can just go home. Hope both.” ***

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