Polishing Saluopa More Dazzling

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POSO,- THE TOURISM Object of Saluopa Waterfall Tour, Pamona Puselemba Sub-district, a few days ago looks more crowded than usual, a number of scout members and coaches dissolve in a fraternal atmosphere while doing a series of activities. The scout activists from SMAN 1 North Pamona, apparently hosted Ambalan Guest Ambition to Enforcement, a mandatory activity at school based on K-13 curriculum, for students of class X.

The activity intended as a means of character building for the students takes place from September 1-3, 2017. “The main goal of this camp is to strengthen the relationship of fraternity among Scout participants, as mandated in Dasa Dharma Pramuka ie, Young Praja Karana (Pramuka) which means a bunch young people who have work or are working “, explained by Yan Manuel Ladjamba, M.Pd, while giving a speech at the opening ceremony.

Meanwhile, the head of North Pamona Sub-district, Niksen Patikey, M.Pd, during a visit to the camp site, said that the three-days activity can be carried out continuously, because in addition to taking care of the brotherhood among the participants, also train their independence to welcome a glorious future.

Thus, the Head of Scout of SMAN 1 North Pamona continues to make breakthroughs, trying to build student interaction with the surrounding environment, in the hope that students are not only crammed with a complex pile of theories in the classroom, but also prepare a special time to learn and work, as well as a reflective tool in the process teaching outside school.

And apparently indeed, the students and coaches who follow the activities not only revelers, but also took time to plant flowers along the entrance of the location of Saluopa tourist attraction. “It is expected to help the Poso District Tourism Office to polish Saluopa to be more fascinating and exotic,” said one of the students excitedly.

Finally, the camp was closed with order and wisdom, Sunday, 3-9 / 2017, by presenting Drs. Yusnan Kaitu as The Scout Guidance Council. “Hopefully this scout activity is fun and could give a positive impression positively. This is a process of education outside the school and environment, outside the family environment to form character, foster character, and noble character “, said Yusnan Kaitu, ending the whole series of camp activities. **

Reporter/Transleter: Darwis Waru/Jesica Porogoi

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