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POSO,- VICE REGENT Of Poso, Ir.Samsuri, M.Si, yesterday morning took off 11 juniors of Poso team to follow the National Student League in Magelang, Central Java. The release took place at the office of the Poso Regent, attended by the Head of Youth and Sports Agency (Kadispora), Friets Sam Kandori, along with other Heads of Organization of Regional Organizations (OPD).

Previously, Poso Juniors’ Position successfully won the Student League in Central Sulawesi in Palu, so it is entitled to represent Central Sulawesi in the national game which was followed by 34 Provinces throughout Indonesia.

Before officially releasing, the Vice Regent, Samsuri hoped that the Poso League Position could carve out a proud achievement, so it could bring the name of Poso in the national football scene, especially in the sport soccer field. “The departure of my children this time is a struggle to bring the name of Poso District in particular and Central Sulawesi province generally, so we all moved and hope to achieve the maximum achievement”, said Vice Regent, encouraging Poso children, before leaving the land of Poso .

The final match for successful completion of the ticket to the finals will take place at the peak of National Sports Day (Haornas), September 9, 2017, as well as contesting the rotating trophy of the Minister of Youth and Sport. **

Reporter / Editor: Darwis Waru

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