Better to Move the Budget to Other Areas

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The Program is Postponed
Reporter : Ikhsan Madjido

KAILIPOST.COM,- SULTENG- DEPARTMENT Of Agriculture of Republic of Indonesia (Deptan RI) is responsible for implementing all agricultural activities because the implementation is a direct appointment and if until next month is not implemented, the budget will be transferred to other areas.
Thus the affirmation of the Director General of Food Security of the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Ir. Ir. Sumarjo Gatot Irianto, MSDDA during the opening speech of forum discussion of Agricultural Development Planning (Musrenbangtan) of Central Sulawesi Province TA. 2018, at the Best Western Plus Hotel on Tuesday (20/3/2018).
Furthermore, the General Director conveyed that Central Sulawesi will be the center of corn so this year is given the aid of corn dryer. “Immediately to plant if this year can be two harvest period, next year will be cultivated three times the harvest time,” he pleaded.
The General Director hopes to keep increasing the planting area because according to the current data, the planting area has been encouraging with the planting area of 15,900 ha. “To Bulog, to be more serious to buy farmers harvest. If Bulog does not pick up the ball farmers will come to Bulog to sell the harvest, “he hoped.
Responding to this matter, Governor Longki in his speech appreciate the Director General and hope to all Head of Department of Agriculture of Regency and City as well as all stakeholders to be serious and improve their performance in order to increase the development of agriculture sector can be realized.
Related Bulog, Longki admitted that currently there are problems in the field that the selling value of farmers’ grain to traders is much higher with the selling price to Bulog so that farmers do not want to sell the grain to Bulog. “But I am the Governor to make a regulation with a circular so that farmers can sell the grain to Bulog. For corn currently there are problems after the harvest season Bulog is not serious buy corn farmers so farmers are looking for the market and the results are not maximal, “said Longki. By him it needs to be given protection to corn farmers. “Nevertheless, I hope that all stakeholders of the Agriculture sector continue to improve agricultural programs so that the peasants of farmers can continue to increase,” he pleaded.
Musrenrebangtan was held until March 21 and attended by the Head of the BI Representative, Head of BPKP Representative, Head of Local Development Plannong Department (Bappeda) and Head of Bappeda for sub-district level, Head of OPD for Central Sulawesi and OPD Stakeholder of agriculture district / city, according to Committee Chairman, Sumiati is an important moment to communicate all stakeholders in the field of Agriculture to communicate the direction of agricultural development in the future with the aim to unite aspirations at the local level and synergize local programs with a central program in agriculture to improve the success of agricultural development in 2018.** 
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