PKPU Discriminates Print Media

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Reporter : Ramdan Otoluwa
KAILIPOST.COM,- SULTENG- The General Election Commission (KPU) is considered discriminant to the media. Particularly related to print media, socialization of candidate pairs who will socialize the candidate number and program to the community. The KPU th
rough its regulation restricted media campaigns to just 13 days, starting from 10 to 23 June 2018.
” KPU with its products is very discriminatory. It is very different from the elections 2016 ago, ” said media practitioners in Central Sulawesi, Andono Wibisono to the media yesterday (15/03/2018) in Palu. According to him, in 2016 elections, the candidate pair is prohibited to reproduce or duplicate campaign props (APK) itself. All of them are made by General Election Commission. 
” The media friends must remember the local elections in Palu sometime ago, ” he explained. But now, in PKPU in 2018 election, the KPU allows candidate pairs to make and duplicate its own APK and only control the installation and its place. ” Why the same thing is not applied in the print media as they have same purpose? But in the print media is prohibited, ” explained the political journalist since 1997.
On the other hand, KPUs such as losing collective consciousness of candidate pairs massively in socializing their candidate numbers and programs in social media, online media. ” There is a structural stuttering base of thought at the level of friends of the General Election Commission. So that PKPU was born to discrimination, ” said Andono again. The impact was greatly felt among print media entrepreneurs that the entire target of 2018 elections ad spending did not reach the expected target. ” The candidate pair and success team are so scared. Moreover, the socialization of the ban to the print media is not well understood, “explained the CEO of PT Trimedia Kaili Post.
What is the real solution? ” Actually the solution can be done with the creativity of each print media so as not to minus advertising turnover in local election event. But the problem of success team and candidate pairs must also understand the true common interest. Now it’s free when campaigning on social media. So that consideration also makes them think to the print media. In fact, not all in social media is information that can be accounted for and not all are accurate, ” he admitted again. 
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