Governor Appointed Rais as The Acting Official of Balut Regent

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GOVERNOR H Longki Djanggola appointed Vice Regent of Banggai Laut (Balut), H Rais D Adam as the acting official (Plt) of regent. This decision is contained in warrant duty number 131/137/Ro.OTDA. The governor assigned the vice regent to carry out the duties and authorities as the acting official of the regent’s duties in accordance with the provisions of the legislation, and for the smooth implementation of local government in Banggai Laut District.

This assignment letter is a follow-up letter of the Minister of Home Affairs number 131.72/5577l/TDA, and after the stipulation of H Zainal Mus (Banggai Laut Regent) as a suspect in the alleged corruption case of Bobong Airport procurement and land acquisition, Sula Islands District, North Maluku Province.

Bacaan Lainnya

Zainal Mus, who is paired with Rais Adam, was elected to the Regent of Balut in the elections at the same time in February 2017, and was inaugurated by the Governor of Central Sulawesi on May 22, 2017. Zainal’s younger sister of Ahmat Hidayat Mus, the governor candidate elected North Maluku Province in this 2018 election.

Both siblings are the suspects of Bobong Airport corruption on land procurement project, in Sula District budget year 2009. They were detained in Rutan Pomdam Jaya Guntur, Jakarta. KPK suspected that the land purchase for Bobong Airport is fictitious.

Based on the calculation of the Audit Board of Indonesia (BPK), the procurement of land is costing the state about Rp3,4 billion. Ahmad allegedly received Rp850 million and Zainal received Rp1.5 billion from the findings of the country’s losses.***

Reporter: Mr. Ikhsan Madjido

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