Kesbangpol Holds Coordination Meeting for 2019 Election

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Source: Public Relation of Central Sulawesi

Central Sulawesi Government held a coordination meeting for
the preparation of the 2019 election, in Hotel Sentral, Palu (12/22/2019).

The coordination meeting initiated by Central Sulawesi National Unity
and Political
Office (Kesbangpol) was followed by a National Renewal Forum (FPK), community early
awareness forum (FKDM) and a forum for religious harmony (FKUB) and involved
the presentation of Pasiter Korem 132 Tadulako, Mayor CPM Muhlis, SH, M.Sc,
Kasubid I Police Headquarters, AKBP Moh. Taufik, KPU Samsul Y. Gafur, BIN. This
activity has the theme of peace and public order ahead of Christmas, New Year
and 2019 elections.

The Governor represented by Secretary of the Provincial Government,
Mohamad Hidayat Lamakarate, admitted that the meeting was very important,
considering the dynamics of social life and politics nationally showed a high
increase in intensity. It needs to be anticipated earlier in order to create a
conducive climate in the social and political life of the community, ”This
forum is facilitated by the government, aimed at assisting the government in
solving social problems in the community, both those that are disaster
threatening, religious and pluralism, “he said.

According to the governor, each forum has its own context and scope in
carrying out the social interactions. “If you look at the strategic role
of the forum, it is hoped that there will be a synergy in seeing the regional
situations and conditions as a form of anticipating various things that have
the potential to pose a threat to life. “in society, nation and
state,” he said.

Furthermore, the governor conveyed that 2019 election has quite a lot
of political dynamics occurred both in the regions and national level. The political
phenomena will continue to color the regional situation as well as the national
situation in the future and will affect it even can make friction in the
community, “For that, in overcoming various dynamics that occurred there
needs to be significant efforts between the elements so that the problems which
occur do not cause divisions and crises of trust,”
he explained. **

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