“Disband OJK”

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Initiated by the Congress of Pasigala Disaster

CHAIRMAN of the Special Committee for Crediting Disaster Victims in Central Sulawesi Legislative Council, Lucky Semen and Chairperson of the National Commission on Human Rights, Central Sulawesi’s representative, Dedi Askari, agreed that the Financial Services Authority (OJK) should be disbanded in Indonesia. Because its actions have come out of the mandate of the Act.

’’OJK is formed to protect consumers (debtors), in practice it is actually an enemy of debtors,” said Lucky yesterday (01/31/2019) during a meeting of all the victims of the Pasigala disaster victims in Palu.

Bacaan Lainnya

The meeting was attended by the Pasigala Disaster Victims Forum, the Balaroa Liquidity Victims Forum, the Petobo Disaster Victims Forum, the Forum for Victims of Wolves Looting and the Republic of Indonesia National Human Rights Commission and two Central Sulawesi DPRD Special Committees namely Credit Special Committee for Disaster Victims and Special Committee Monitoring the Implementation of Pasuruan Disaster Victims.

The same idea was also conveyed by Dedi Askari. He considered that the banking and IJK on the wolves had become the engine of an impoverishment of the post-disaster victims of September 28, 2018, at Pasigala.

“OJK is no able to become an impartial authority. Banking has become the engine of impoverishment for post-disaster victims. Therefore, just disband the OJK and this should be in a listing of demands in the congress later,” he said.

According to Lucky, the Special Committee for credit bans of the disaster victims had tried three times to meet with the Indonesian Minister of Finance. He even told me that he had broken down the door of the Republic of Indonesia’s Minister of Finance.

‘’ When open, there is no one in the room because there is a regional assignment to Bandung. We are only accepted by  Ministry of Finance PR,

” he told. He also loudly stated that the central government could not play with the demands. ’’If banks are troubling us here, we better leave here,’ ‘he said. By him, he suggested that debtors who are victims of disasters do not sign anything before the forum struggle there is a central decision.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Special Committee for Monitoring the Implementation of the Pasuruan Disaster Victims, Yahdi Basma agreed that all the strength of the forum would become a force along with the victims of the September 28, 2018 disaster. The time is already unable to fight individually, ‘said Yahdi who was also the Chairperson of the Petobo Disaster Victim Forum.

Yahdi proposed that the congressional mission is to ensure that the recovery (rehabilitation or reconstruction) is based on the interests of the victims so that it is entirely in accordance with the fulfillment and rights of victims. Encouraging, the Provincial Government as a manifestation of the state, to appear as a commander in the recovery process. Not even become objects of Jakarta actors and international institutions. Da ‘The Regional Government is the party most responsible for the disaster that befell the region as Act 24/2007 on disaster management and Central Sulawesi Regional Regulation No. 2/2013 concerning the implementation of disaster management,’ said Yahdi again.

The three agreed that as soon as possible the strength of the disaster victims forum would become a big and real one. ‘’ The facts on the ground are very real. There are victims, there are imbalances in the handling of disaster victims. But so far the forum struggle is still virtual (massive in social media). We recommend that the struggle also be real, ” said Irwan Dumalang, a meeting participant representing one of the mass organizations, Yaskum Indonesia.


The meeting finally agreed to be held by the Congress throughout the forum of a struggle for victims of the Pasigala disaster. The congress will be held this month by presenting thousands of victims in Palu. The meeting agreed to the chairman of the congress committee was Yusrin L Banna, Secretary Hartati Hartono, and Treasurer, Fadli. **

Reports/editor: ramdan otoluwa/andono wibisono

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