Unfair Mutation; Teachers from Disaster Areas

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Reportase/editor: andono wibisono

POSITION Mutations are organizational needs. To refresh,
strengthen organizational systems and promotions to improve the quality of work
and the quality of human resources. But, what if the transfer and filling in
the position box do not fulfill the sense of justice and mandate of an
organization internal regulations? This is what Islamic education circles in
Central Sulawesi Province have highlighted which have befallen the Ministry of
Religion of the Republic of Indonesia in Central Sulawesi. “There is an
unpleasant aroma and full of interests. It should be suspected that something
is not fair. Please journalist make a depth-report on this,” said the Kaili
Post source this week.

Bacaan Lainnya

The data the editorial receives stated that there
were mutations and filling in the improper and unusual office boxes. For
example, there was a former MAN Principal (Aliyah – high school level) who was
transferred to MIN (Ibtidaiyah – SD) Principal. In fact, the level and rank and
competence to become Principals from elementary to high school levels takes

Likewise, the mutation from the Study Teacher
becomes a class teacher. ’’How strange is that, from the teacher in the field
of study, it means that there is professionalism of the teacher there, instead
it is used as a classroom teacher. It’s a mutation or a sentence of office,” said
the source again. Likewise, vice versa, there are MIN class teachers who are
suddenly transferred to become subject teachers in MAN or State MTs.

One thing that hit the heart, explained the
source, that there was one teacher who was the victim of the disaster – the
liquefaction at Pasigala instead of being ‘expelled’ to another area of Sigi
Regency. “His wife and child died. The house and property are gone. Teachers
who became victims were not given compensation by the Ministry of Religion,
instead, they were transferred to the new MTs Negeri in Sigi District, Soulove
Village. Even though it hasn’t been a year as a head of school,” explain the
sources with a sad tone.

The departure of disaster victim teacher invites
the sympathy of teachers in their environment. They struggled to help each
other to provide the teacher’s house equipment to move to become the ‘pioneer
teacher’ of the Ministry of Religion without obtaining compensation from the
department that uses the ‘religion’ diction.

The source suspects that the Head of the Regional
Office of the Ministry of Religion as Head of Baperjakat and Head of the
Personnel as Secretary of the Baperjakat missed out on the proposal of the
district/city Ministry of Religion. ’’The potential PTUN lawsuit for MoRA
officials is very large. “He said.

The Central Sulawesi Regional Office of the
Ministry of Religion, through the Head of Baperjakat who is also the Head of
the TU, Kiflin said by telephone that the transfer of study teachers to class
teachers was Kanwil’s products. “The teacher’s mutation is in the kabupaten or
kota MoRA offices. Please confirm it there,” he said.

In connection with the transfer of position of the
principal, from MAN to MIN it is the proposal of the department of
regency/city. “We got a proposal. Our Baperjakat process and process are
carried out according to the mechanism and submitted to the leadership as a
policy, ‘he admitted. He also stated that the position of headmaster was an
additional task, so it was not a problem with additional tasks from MAN to MIN
or vice versa.

Kiflin also refused if there were teachers who
were victims of disasters in the Ministry of Religion not given compensation.
‘’There is compensation. Yes, there is our environmental teacher being a
victim. His name is Mr. Dahlan. how come it’s been paid for five million
rupiahs,” he answered. Regarding mutations that do not consider the
psychological victim, Kiflin suggested that the person concerned if he did not
accept a new position could resign from the new position. ’’You can resign,” he

Previously, the Head of the Public Relations
Department of Victory H Akbar Sidik, who was confirmed, was reluctant to give
information because he had not received an order from the leadership. Moreover,
those confirmed are related to the transfer of position. ‘’ Need my reference
to explain because there are rules. Secondly, I have not received the direction
of the leadership, ‘he replied. **

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