Kelor, a Chronic Disease Medication

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Ikhsan Madjido

ALTHOUGH Small in size, Moringa (kelor) leaves have many
important benefits for health. Research says Moringa plants can treat and
reduce the risk of chronic diseases, both by directly consuming it as a
vegetable, making juice to drink or extracting it can be used as capsules for

Provincial Secretary, Moh Hidayat Lamakarate, when opening the Public
Discussion of Palu Agricultural Quarantine Center, Class 2 Palu, in Pogombo,
Wednesday (03/07/2019) said that this local commodity is to be proud of. Aside
from the soaring market price, it is also easy to find and cultivate.

antioxidants in Moringa leaves are very high, besides the high potassium
content. Making Moringa leaves has the property to slow down and even eliminate
cancer in the body,” Hidayat explained.

addition, he added, Moringa leaves can reduce blood sugar levels so that they
become normal. Moringa leaves can be used as natural insulin to treat diabetes.
So that consumption of Moringa leaf vegetables can prevent blood sugar or

said that regarding the quarantine service month for 142 Palu quarantine
centers, it is expected to continue to provide the best service and service to
the nation and state because it has received the mandate to provide quarantine
and supervision services to reduce the risk of quarantine pests and animal
diseases and good quarantine plant organisms. who enter or leave the Central
Sulawesi region.

the mandate can be implemented as well as possible,” he said.

the agricultural export movement, the Hidayat Lamakarate Regional Secretary
hopes that there will be an increase in the quality of agricultural commodities
supported by industrialization to improve the quality and quality of

the Head of the Palu Class 2 Quarantine Center for Agriculture in his report
expressed his appreciation for the presence of participants and resource

discussion, which was held in the framework of the 142nd national quarantine
month of service, raised the theme “together to safeguard agricultural
sovereignty and encourage agricultural product exports towards Indonesia’s
world food granary 2045”.

he said Central Sulawesi had high agricultural resources such as Moringa
leaves, salak, chocolate, bananas and others that could be encouraged to
export, just how and efforts to improve the quality and selling value. **

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