POLICE CHIEF: 25 KILOGRAMS OF Methamphetamine in Palu from Malaysia

Polda Sulawesi Tengah melakukan konferensi pers terkait pengungkapan sabu 25 bungkus dengan berat kotor 25 Kilogram @kailipostcom/Nizam
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Palu city: the regional of police Irjen Pol Syatril Nursal in central Sulawesi claimed that the type of methamphetamine that were arrested yesterday on June 29 2020 , around the port of Pantoloan –of Covid 19 pos originating from Malaysia.

Police chief said the cargo of Malaysia, the purpose of transit in Kalimantan to Palu by the sea. It was during a peers conference today on Tuesday June2, 30, 2020 in the Police officer who has accompanied by drugs officials marched in Central Sulawesi.

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Previously, the drugs enforcement teams is directorate of police in Central Sulawesi, to drugs trafficking cases exposing a big party and the evidence is arrested by 25 kilograms of Methamphetamine.

Unexpected dealers were in narcotics the type of Methamphetamine in Pantoloan, Tawaeli District, on Monday June, 29 2020.
The arrest of the methamphetamine dealer took place in Pantoloan, Tawaeli district on Monday June 29 2020. And the direct led of personal sembiring AKBP.

Disclosure of this drug case, originated from a car of community information the presence of a white hardtop type in Trans Cental Sulawesi road, precisely in the Pantoloan of Taweli District at 22.30 o’clock around.

Seeing are conditions, the officer who were officer already standby is the border direct of Covid caught the investors on the scene police officers immediately intervened and secure of suspect.

Furthermore, the officers immediately conducted a search at the Covid Post in Tawaeli District and witnessed directly by the community and Covid officers who were carrying out their duties. The result, the officer founded the evidence of Methamphetamine to the total number of as many 25 founds kilograms, that are packed in 25 package of greet in the car.

Directorate police investigation by the drugs in Central Sulawesi, explained the officer found the evidence in the form Methamphetamine of 25 gross weight kilograms.
For suspects and evidence directly secured by the Central Sulawesi Police Narcotics Investigation Team, who explained of personal characteristics test. The arrest the largest of methamphetamine was the biggest achievement in Central Sulawesi Regional Police. ***

Reporter: faqih azzura abimanyu/moh nizam

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