Dange On the road taman ria

ONE YEAR The last time, Dange the Ria to be one of the foods that are in high demand of Palu, even to residents for the out of town. By waiting for about five minutes, processed foods sago this can be enjoyed.

In cooked on a simple in the stove and pans are made of clay. The lovers of culinary street can enjoy two kinds of dange, which in mixed with brown sugar or fish with a very cheap price USD 5000/dange.

Ina Arlia, vendors Dange the Ria, to Kaili Post described himself as a flood of buyers since the first time selling Dange in the periphery of the Gulf of Palu, particularly in the Garden Ria. With the price of five thousand one ” It was good, especially in fish. rono, ’’ said the buyer Dange of the Ina Arlia.

Arlia complained when this hard to find Sagu in the city of Palu. Just a few districts are a lot of selling Sagu, one of them in Donggala, he said. Sellers Dange the open from 15:00 pm until around 1:00 pm Central Indonesian Time in the morning. According to him, the purchase of Dange the night was crowded. Because most people enjoy food typical of this one. Not infrequently the queue of buyers a traffic jam.

It is hoped that the government of his vision to create a new tourist destination around the Gulf of Palu to immediately give a positive response and concrete. Shaking the vendors Dange should be organized and created a location that can become the hallmark of culinary if people outside a visit to Palu. Because of vendors Dange the same as the empowerment of micro, small and medium enterprises that became a municipal government. would.

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