Paud of the civil practice mulok language kaili.

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Reporter/editor: Yuni ridwan / Moh. Ridwan

THE CHILD of kindergarten’s Model of Integrated Civil who at the road in soekarno hatta  the Village Talise the Mantikulor, applying subjects Load the local (Mulok) in Kaili to their students.

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The principal (Kepsek) a kindergarten as well as Education Early Childhood (early) of the civil Faidah, the PD who found his office on Wednesday (a third) said, the choice of applying mulok Language kaili that children are accustomed to with language Kaili. It is also introduce the culture of local through the language.

Faidah said, the child’s age can is in early childhood from 2 to 6 years, age groups playing (Pill) the 2 to 4 years old. In group A said he, children aged 4 to 5 years old and Team B was five to six years.

Faidah, the learning system in applying it in early childhood that is, learning through play and learning activities namely Are.

In his briefing, at least rational students by one teacher in particular in early childhood of 15 children.

” At least rational students 15 children per teacher, ” he said.

Besides, sometimes students do not feel comfortable when you’re in school, because of several factors, among other things, the attention of parents of children less, then promises sweet old man, as well as environmental factors.

“Sometimes these factors that affect students feel uncomfortable when following the process of teaching and learning. The children like this vulnerable with the environment, by her parents play an important role in educating children,” said Faidah. In kindergarten early childhood the Civil, said Faidah, introduced a system of teaching and learning using a curriculum for 2013 (K13), by applying some extra courses. Meanwhile, he said, to the second semester of the theme ‘the days of Religious Affairs’. This theme was taken no other that is to form akhlaq the students early on.

“Every Friday at the start with an apple in the morning after, apples, those who is a Muslim remembrance and Christianity do the morning. When finished, all students in arts activities in classics,” the Faidah. ***

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