Holiliana: Prioritize Education of PAUD

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MOTHER of PAUD, Mrs. Holiliana Tumimomor at the opening of Gebyar PAUD (19/05/2017) then in Morokoa Kolonodale Building, Petasia Sub-district, Morut Regency, stated that early childhood education (paud) is a part of human resource development strategy. PAUD should be viewed as a central point of early education and is fundamental.

Because early age is the golden age in life, he said. So to achieve the growth and development of early childhood, need to be increased the potential of intelligence, with learning and fun playing like Gebyar Paud activities. Mother of Paud hopes that the participants of educator can channel their potential so that the students have more spirit and be cheerful so that good emotional relationship between parents and teachers, closer in a harmonious family atmosphere.

The success of this program, said the Mother of PAUD, the whole society of North Morowali can improve its role and effort in advancing Paud together. The wife of the first person in North Morowali asked the regency to facilitate the implementation of teaching and learning process in the scope of early childhood. So that the reach of PAUD services will increase further in the future.

To the community, especially for parents to understand how important early education. ” Let us together support the character education of children through various activities of creativity in order to realize the characters of religious nation in faith and noble character, ” he concluded.

The event was attended by members of Parliament, Regional Secretary Albert Tulaka, regional leadership coordination forum, heads of SKPD, Camat, religious leaders and traditional leaders of North Morowali District. Head of Early Childhood Kindergarten, KB. Education and culture of North Morowali, Juber Habibu, SP.d M.Pd reported Law No. 20 of 2003 on National Education System, is a coaching effort aimed at children from birth up to age six years, done through educational stimuli to assist growth and physical development and Spiritually so that children have readiness in entering further education.

The purpose of organizing Gebyar PAUD, firstly, to improve the image and accountability of early childhood education management in the framework of the national movement early childhood. Second; Increase the motivation and participation of all elements of the nation to play an active role in the national PAUD movement. Juber hopes the results of this Gebyar PAUD 2017 can improve the accountability image of early childhood education programs in support of national programs, be a dissemination of information on the importance of early childhood education, as a appreciation of the results of early childhood education assessments as a benchmark of program success in North Morowali.

“I need to convey that North Morowali regency is entrusted by BP Paud of Central Sulawesi Province to participate in one of the Gebyar PAUD national level competitions held in Palembang in August 2017, so that PAUD teachers train their students for the preparation of the competition. . **

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