Kodim of Morowali Watching G30S/PKI Film Together

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MOROWALI,- Members of Kodim 1311 of Morowali held a movie together with G30S / PKI, on Wednesday and Saturday (20,23 / 9/2017) night.

All the soldiers and families watched the film seriously and playing in the office of the Kodim Integrated City complex (KTM).

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Hundreds of surrounding communities are also present. Dandim Morowali, Lieutenant Colonel Arh Sabaryandu Kristian Saragih said that the film’s simultaneous screening was to commemorate a communist treachery that seeks to seize power by violent means.

He also added, to instill a sense of love for the homeland and increase the insight of nationality, then the film was screened so that people should be more aware of the existence of communist understandings that could endanger the sovereignty of the country.

The plan, on September 30th, will be held back to watching the show together that will invite more people. “Tonight has already been played for a second time, and it will be easy for us to make a movie for 30 years later, and we must be aware of the latent danger of communism which can at times be distorted state sovereignty “explained Dandim.

Meanwhile, one of the residents welcomed the screening of the film and hoped that the whole of the community would interpret the G30S/PKI betrayal as an event that should not happen again in the present and future, by growing a sense of love to the country.

“We are very grateful to replay this film, we may all be able to interpret the meaning of this film as a form of reinforcement against each other so as not to be influenced by communist that can destroy the country, in the future we also hope that other struggle films such as Janur Kuning, Kereta Api Terakhir, Lebak Membara, or Bandung Lautan Api can be played back “he said.

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