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PALU- Local Youth Front (FPPD) of Central Sulawesi will report PT Citra Palu Mineral (CPM) to the anti-franchise commission, KPK. The promise was disclosed when sending a release to the editorial overnight (10/12/2017).

According to FPPD of Central Sulawesi through the Central Sulawesi Coordinating Office (AGO), who sued FPPD, Eko Arianto that there were allegations of violation of Law No. 4 of 2009 on Minerba and alleged violation of Law No. 32 2013 on Protection and Environmental Management. It has become common knowledge, social and environmental problems over illegal mining in CPM locations that some investors are not responsible and in the name of the local people.

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Violations of both above mentioned regulations have been the concern to the central government, such as the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), Police Headquarters, and Commission VII of Local Representative’s house RI. Yet,  until now no one from the illegal mining actors who made the suspect, let alone until detained and dragged to the green table.

Central Sulawesi claimed,  which consists of FPPD Central Sulawesi and other community mass organizations, urged the KPK to immediately intervene and take over the case with concrete steps of investigating, examining and arresting all investors and officials involved and pretending not to know the crime. “This pressure will also be included with the demonstration plan of some elements of the people of environmental and natural resources watchdog at the KPK office in the near future.” He added via WhattApps to the editorial.

The results of his investigation, in the field found the information of a number of investors who illegally mining in Poboya, namely initials LH (Director DRG), Ko Aking / Ko Aseng (investors from China), Ko Ardi (an Australian investor), and HN (director of Madas) . They are backed by customary institutions. ” These investors are dare to process illegal mines for cooperating with PT DRG which holds recommendations from KLHK to rehabilitate PT CPM location due to damaged mines of the people.

But what happened was PT DRG and the investors we mentioned above also joined the massive dredging of material and processing of gold mine by using dangerous cyanide (cyanide) toxic materials. ” So it should be understood if almost all public city of Palu opposed this activity because the citizens do not want same case of minamata that occurred in Japan will occur in Palu. Where the case of minamata in the future will result in an idiot-borned baby ” explained Eko.

Source / Editor : Fppd / Ikhsan 

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