Longki Discussed The V ice Governor Part Two

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Second Week of December 

SULTENG,- GOVERNOR Longki Djanggola stressed to Kaili Post (07/12/2017) that he will return to discuss the candidate for vice governor with his political party bearer with the late Sudarto in the second or third week of December. ” I will discuss in the second and third weeks of December, ” wrote Governor at WhattsApp to the editorial.

According to him, the delegation of candidates for Vice Governor was re-done since previously had been rejected by the election committee of Local Representative’s house, Central Sulawesi will be re-done after the priority regional process has been done in 2017. The governor also rejected that the discussion was not due to pressure from outside parties . ” Moreover, the insistence of a coffee shop, ” said Longki.

Bacaan Lainnya

For future Vice Governor candidates, it depends on the agreement of the political party of the bearer. As governor himself will also propose some of the non-party ” as governor I will also propose some names that are non-party and hopefully can be accepted and approved by the party bearer, ” wrote the governor again.

Who are the non-party names? The governor was reluctant to answer again. He also has not provided the impetus or command to a particular person or group to become Vice Governor. ” Nothing in my mind was that. But I do not know if there is a name already in the party bearer, ” wrote the other governor Longki.

On that occasion, Longki also gave clarification about the submission of Vice Governor Candidates from a party which was rejected by the election committee. According to him, the stalwart party did not reach an agreement to carry two candidates. But the staging party still proposes three names. ” Of course it is not eligible for elected members of parliament, ” wrote the governor.

Meanwhile, a number of parties discussed several names that should be submitted to be nominated as prospective Vice Governor later. Non-party names include; DR Patta Tope, Husen Andi Nawi Djalalembah, DR Elim Somba and others.

Reporter : andono wibisono

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