Visiting Marsita Hydrocephalus, Chief of Police Accused of Violating the Law

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Reporter / Parmout: Fharadiba
KAILIPOST.COM,- PARMOUT- At a social visit to one of the hydrocephalus patients; Marsita (6) in the Bugenvil children’s room of Anuntaloko Parigi Regional Public Hospital (RSUD), Thursday (15/3) yesterday, the group of Police Chief of AKBP Police, Siradjudin Ramli and several journalists were blocked by the head of Anuntaloko Hospital, Lenci.
Lenci with an unpleasant tone, asked the group of journalists to go out and to ask permission to the Anuntaloko Hospital before a visit.
Lenci also tried to block the task of journalists when interviewing the families of the toddlers. Suddenly Lince tried to stop the journalist’s interview. ” You should not be interviewed here, you must ask permission first to the head of the hospital. Have you asked for permission? If not, please ask permission first because there are rules here to be applied, “Lince shouted before reporters and members of the Polices. 
The quarreling is inevitable. One of the journalists gave an explanation of the coverage activities conducted by the invitation of the Police Chief. However, the journalist’s explanation was not accepted by Lenci. In fact, he insisted, although the activity was done together with the Police Chief, the permit must be done instead. 
As if not satisfied with the journalist’s explanation, Lince finally approached the group of AKBP Police Chief, Sirajuddin Ramly, who was still in front of the children’s room, questioned the permission of a social visit to patients with hydrocephalus. He said that the head of police should have known the rules if conducting the social visit.
“SOP permit related to social visit that cannot enter the patient’s room like a mother means permission, like what exactly?” asked Chief of Police of Sirajuddin to Lince. Allegedly unable to explain the rules, Lince argued that the rules have been placed in front of the door of the room while showing it.
The situation is heating up, after reporters questioned the rules posted on the child’s door. However, Lince still insisted reporters to commit violations. “We as journalists must interview both parties, both the Police Chief who provide compensation, and patients who get compensation,” said one journalist.
However, Lince insisted that it was a violation and journalists later made a public openness which in fact the hospital is one of the public spaces. In an increasingly heated situation, the chief of police again questioned the details of the rules and SOPs applied by the hospital, related to the two rules of law posted in the child’s room. Later, the Chancellor provided little input that the telecommunication laws in question were related to the technical tapping.
Seeing the increasingly unfavorable situation, Chief of Police and some journalists prefer to go home. From search results on search engines, about medical law number 29 of 2004 chapters 48 and 51, the two chapters only describe the practice of medicine that holds the secret of medicine, and the technical implementation of medical practices that have obligations such as; concealment of patients, emergency, providing standardized medical services, referring physicians with better skills.
Then, in law number 36 of 1999 on telecommunications in chapter 40 only explains the prohibition of wiretapping information transmitted through telecommunication networks, in any form.
Director of Anuntaloko Hospital of Parigi, Nurlela Harate separately also cannot explain in detail about the legislation in question, the relation in the prohibition of conducting activities in hospital coverage led.
“I have not been able to answer and give information because I do not know exactly how the incident happened, I’ll ask the employees first,” confirmed Nurlela via cell.
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