Cultural Village; The Solution Or A Mask of Poverty?

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Reporter : Fharadiba

Looking at the headline title, that is the basic question of why this is written.  Is there any theoretical basis or reference of the program and the basis of its regulation in Parigi Moutong District? Or District Government has a clear road map every year about poverty alleviation? For 2018 what are the excellent programs. The following are reviewed and extracted from various sources.

KAILIPOST.COM,- PARMOUT- According to Data Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) the number of poor districts in Central Sulawesi in 2011 – 2017, Parmout is at 82.88 thousand people or 18% of the population. This number, is expected to go down one of them with the existence of customary village formation program. Although it is currently in the stage of academic research. Is it true with the formation of customary villages can alleviate poverty?
Asked about that, Head of Bappelitbangda, Moh. Irfan said that if the seven proposed villages are approved out of the national village into customary villages, then there will be regulations regulating how to treat indigenous villages that have become special villages including process of data collection by BPS. Hopefully, in the future there will be a change of numbers on poverty data because custom villages can not be equated with national village counting standards.
” It is not necessarily able to reduce the poverty rate, but it will already in process if the formation of traditional villages really approved. There will be regulations that are then coordinated with BPS so that the calculations can not be equated. Customary villages are just one of the ways to reduce poverty, “he explained.
He added that the proposed village is in Tinombo and Palasa sub-district.  In Palasa sub-district, there are only two villages: Pebounang and Bambasiang Village, Tinombo Sub-District, Patingke Village, West Lombok, Taipa Obal, Ogoalas and West Bainaa. It is known in these two sub-districts that the pockets of contributors to poverty are quite high.
“The seven proposed villages are eligible to be customary villages, it is seen from homogeneity, has its own specifications and many other criteria. That’s the result of the academic review as well as the result of meeting with the elements of the sub-district, the village government and the community, “he said.
The concern that this program is only a cover to reduce poverty on paper, Irfan is reluctant to comment much about it. According to him, some parties support the formation of customary villages because it is more profitable in terms of development that is considered more focused.
Asked how far the progress and readiness of local government related to the formation of custom village, Irfan claimed to have reached the conclusions of researchers generated from the seminar and field research. After that, he said, there will be a technical team that prepares regulation for delivery to Kemendes for status change from national village to custom village.
“Our affairs are only up to study, we submit fully to the research team, after which the relevant agencies,” he said. As for the change of village status that will affect the system and government structure in the village, Irfan said that the Village Fund needs to be understood to exist, only the governance system will change.
The system of governance within the village law is regulated by customary village institutions, more or less the same as national villages, possibly through the election of village heads through the customary process that applies there but still refers to the village law, “he said.
He added that even indigenous leaders support the formation of customary villages so that customs, local wisdom and cultures can be sustainable. However, in relation to whether customary figures, village or sub-district government have become representatives of the community in the candidate of traditional villages, according to Irfan, the researchers have received information directly from the local community, so it is concluded that the people also accept if the seven villages were made custom village.
It is known that field research is only about two months, there is also data collection through FGD, seminar. The researchers, consisting of four people plus research assistants, conducted interviews with the community also distributed questionnaires to the community in each village. Is that the facts. So that Bappelitbangda with the researchers have reached the conclusion? Hopefully.

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