Liverpool Support Pasigala Earthquake Victims

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Liverpool Star Mohammed Salah Sign the Shirt to Donated tsunami and liquefaction in Palu, Sigi and Donggala victims

Reportase: Ikhsan
AS A FORM Of concern for the earthquake followed by tsunami and liquefaction in
Palu, Sigi and Donggala, Liverpool raised funds by opening donations from fans.
They can visit this link to participate.

Other than that, in the Champions League match
against Napoli earlier October, the Reds have donated a match-signed shirt that
the player has worn during the match.

Quoted from the club’s official website, the shirts were donated to the Disaster Emergency
Committee (DEC). The Disaster Emergency Committee will then raise funds to help
victims overcome trauma and rebuild their lives and communities.

DEC itself works with 14 leading charities in the
UK to provide and channel their assistance. Since its founding in 1963, DEC has
held 70 fundraising times and has accumulated more than 1.5 billion pounds.
Some organizations that also work with DEC
includes Care, Action Aid, Save the Children, Together We’re Stronger, and Tear

The total loss and damage caused by this disaster
was reported to reach R18.84 trillion. The impact of loss and damage covers
five development sectors, namely loss and damage in the residential sector
reaching Rp.52.5 trillion.

The social sector is IDR 3.25 trillion, economic
sector IDR 2.83 trillion, infrastructure sector IDR 98.19 billion, and cross
sector IDR 346.01 billion.

Based on the distribution of regions, damage and
losses in Palu City reached Rp.8.3 trillion, Sigi Regency Rp.6.9 trillion,
Donggala Rp.2.7 trillion and Parigi Moutong Rp.640 billion.
It is estimated that rebuilding affected areas at
the rehabilitation and reconstruction stage will require a budget of more than
IDR 22 trillion.**

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