Tombolotutu is Worthy Of Being Crowned as National Hero

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Raja Tombolotutu
Source: Parmout public relations
RUMOR To crown Tombolotutu as National Hero had been voiced since the 1990s.
However, the efforts to achieve this are constrained by the official documents
as primary data. The climax was when Dr. Lukman Nadjamuddin M.Hum became a
historical speaker at the 2014 International Seminar at the Malaysia National

At that time, the seminar participants encouraged Dr. Lukman
Nadjamuddin to examine the struggle of Tombolotutu. Because the information was
obtained, the Dutch Government kept many official documents that told about
Tombolotutu. So that in 2017, Tadulako University in collaboration with the
Parigi Government, Moutong, initiated a study that was poured in a book titled
Bara Battle in Tomini Bay, Perjotutu Battle against the Netherlands.

Since then, the discussions to make Tombolotutu as a National Hero
continue to emerge. Not only in academics, buy the hope of making Tombolotutu
as a National Hero is also voiced by many people. One of them came from Parigi
Moutong community leader, Drs. H Taswin Borman MSi.

The former secretary of Parigi Moutong in the era of the Regent Longki
Djanggola said, if you look at the history of the Tombolotutu struggle against
the Netherlands, Tombolotutu deserves to be crowned a National Hero. Attended
the launching of Bara Battle in Tomini Bay, the Perjotutu Struggle against the
Netherlands book in the hall of the Faculty of Engineering, University of
Tadulako Palu on Monday (12/11).

According to him, Bara Battle in Tomini Bay Book has a lot to discuss
about the heroic stories shown by Tombolotutu against the Dutch. One of them,
when the Dutch Government lowered Marsose’s troops to crush the Tombolotutu’s
resistance. Marsose is a special force or elite Dutch forces that have been
deployed during Diponegoro war and Aceh war. At that time, Marsose troops were
deployed to quell the opposition of Tombolotutu, which numbered approximately
170 troops. “We can already imagine how strong the power of Tombolotutu at
the time, although with Marsose’s troops, the Dutch had never succeeded in
quelling Tombolotutu. This is historical data. Because of that, I think
Tombolotutu deserves to be proposed as a National Hero, “said Taswin Borman.

To crown Tombolotutu as National Hero, many requirements must be
fulfilled as mandated in law number 20 of 2009 concerning titles, services and
honors. “This dissected book has been quite good, just to complete the
Autotography of Tombolotutu and the document of his struggle,” Taswin

He also admitted that since the 1990s in Central Sulawesi only two
independence fighters were discourse to be proposed to become National Heroes,
namely Haji Hayun in Toli-Toli and Tombolotutu in Parigi Moutong.

He proposed the struggle of the recorded Kodeotutu to be a local
content of learning at schools, ranging from elementary, junior to senior high
school so that each generation can find out the history of the Perjotutu Battle.
Taswin hopes that after all requirements are met, Tombolotutu can immediately
be proposed to the central Government to become a National Hero.

“The Regional Government must be serious in processing and
completing the required requirements. ”  I am ready to help my energy and mind to guard
the making of Tombolotutu as a National Hero,” he said.

The book review program presented two resource people namely Prof. Dr.
Reiza D Dienaputra M. Hum, historian from the University of Padjadjaran Bandung
and Dr. Sarkawi SS M.Hum from the Airlangga University in Surabaya. There is
one interesting thing said by Dr Sarkawi at the book review. Before leaving for
Palu, he had distributed several books to be dissected to his students to read.
“What happened after reading the book, many of my students were crying and
feeling moved to imagine the heroic resistance of Tombolotutu at the
time,” said Dr. Sarkawi.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jamaludin, who was the moderator in the book review
program, ended his statement with a heroic quote “You can stop my steps,
but this insurgency cannot be stopped,” said Dr Jamaludin.**

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