100 Days Pasigala Disaster: The Mayor Must Build Tatura Mall Again

Tatura Mall Palu (MTP) After Pasigala Disaster
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AFTER 100 days post-earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction in Palu City, Mayor Hidayat was urged by residents to immediately restore the community’s economy by rebuilding the Tatura Mall Palu (MTP). Because the City Government-owned Mall was damaged and received insurance amounting to Rp91.3 billion. “Building a mall is not up to 70 billion rupiahs damaged. Because of only three and four floors. There are still more than 20 billion left, ” said one source from Kaili Post in Palu yesterday.

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Because by the operation of MTP, the economic movement will return to the excitement and will suppress inflation. “If MTP opens, the surrounding location will return to the excitement. Karaoke opens, Ramayana opens, sellers of UMKM sellers open, the below-term economy automatically will move also. Employees will work again and can support their families again,” he explained brightly.

Moreover, the stalling of the 100-year-days of MTP also gave the psychological impression of a city that had not risen from post-disaster. “The city looks neglected. Let’s try to walk at the night via Tatura Mall, there must be a horrible feeling we felt. “The mall is the pride of the city residents if it is left stalled as soon as the city seems dead,” said a source who also admitted that his post-graduate dissertation on urban matters.

Supposedly, the Mayor can support police programs which are currently testing trials to prevent vulnerability, order, and security in the city by installing a number of CCTV on the traffic light. One of them, he said, again asked business people around Jalan Monginsidi, Emy Saelan, Basuki Rahmat, Hasanuddin and surrounding areas to return actively until late at night.

“The impression is that Palu’s night is back to 10 years ago. Where the spirit gets up and is strong. The leader must be encouraging,” he explained.

MTP is a mall owned by PT Citra Nuansa Elok (CNE). Almost 97 percent of CNE shares belong to the City Government. The rest belongs to one of the regional entrepreneurs. When natural disasters occur, the MTP is affected by collapsing to the third and fourth floors into one. As a result of the earthquake, the shophouses close to 100 days after the disaster. Do not know whether employees at various tenants in the mall were laid off or laid off.

Meanwhile, the Director of CNE, Mohammad Sandiri when confirmed his telephone number was no longer active. Some staff on MTP also don’t appear to be in the basement.**

Reporter/editor: Ramdan otoluwa/andono wibisono

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