Prabowo: Save Indonesian Future

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THE CANDIDATE Indonesian President Prabowo Subianto invited
cadres, volunteers and sympathizers in Central Sulawesi to save the future of
the Indonesian people.

Subianto is of the view that we must save the future of the Indonesian
people,” said Prabowo at the meeting of cadres, volunteers and
sympathizers in an event entitled “Prabowo Greeting Central Sulawesi”
at Santika Hotel, Palu City, Tuesday (01/08/2019).

General Chair of Gerakan Indonesia Raya Party (Gerindra) believes that the
elites in Jakarta cannot be expected anymore. They don’t think about people’s
lives. Therefore, if the elites no longer cared, Prabowo stressed that now was
the time for the people to understand the situation of this nation.

I feel everywhere I go, people have understood, people have understood, people
are aware. The Indonesian people don’t want to be lied to anymore,” he

said that everywhere he delivered a speech in public, but often his statement
in his speech was twisted.

spinning culture, has been crowded in our nation, is sought after, waiting for
Prabowo to speak wrongly,” Prabowo said.

stated that at this time his age had entered at 68 years. Therefore, every time
he expresses his opinion in public, he is the truth, because he is only afraid
of Allah SWT, God the Creator.

do you want to television say, what do the mainstream newspapers want, the
people understand,” he said.

the current situation, the people no longer want to be deceived by the elite.
Where are the elites in Jakarta who have enjoyed Indonesia’s wealth for
decades, who do not want to think of the common people, poor people, difficult
people. On that occasion, Prabowo conveyed that he no longer wanted to speak
out loud, because the atmosphere would become increasingly heated.

the event, Prabowo Subianto with the Governor of Central Sulawesi who was also
the Chairman of the DPD Gerindra, Longki Djanggola departed to the Tomb of the
great Ulema Founder Alkhairaat, Alm Sayyid Alhabib Idrus Bin Salim Aldjufri for
a pilgrimage, then headed to the residence of Sayyid Alhabib Saggaf Aldjufri to
offer a silaturahim.

and his entourage then left for Mpanau Village, Kecamatan Biromaru, Sigi
Regency to review the shelter and meet with the Shelaraans victims of
liquefaction natural disasters.

shelter visited this time is the assistance he built in Biromaru, Sigi Regency,
through cadres in the DPP, DPD and DPC of the Gerindra Party.**

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