The Commitment of Fighting for Padagimo

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ENTERING The rehabilitation and recovery phase of disaster-affected areas in Palu, Sigi Regency, Donggala Regency and Parigi Moutong (Padagimo), the state must always be present. In fact, personally and as a member of the Republic of Indonesia DPR representative of Central Sulawesi Province, the cadre of the Nasdem Party, Akhmad M Ali, continues to commit to fighting for the rights of victims. This was revealed by Mat Sun, his nickname when he was two hours with the Padagimo disaster victims’ nodes’ Ngopi Bareng’ at Warkop Sudimari K2 Jalam Masjid Raya, East Palu Sunday (10/02/2019).

According to M. Ali, the commitment to victims’ rights is currently very complex. Starting from the demands of citizens affected by liquefaction in Balaroa, Petobo and Jonooge, namely the matter of their land rights if they can no longer be used as according to Zoning maps that cannot be built. ”How is this? The rights to a civilization of their land (victims. Red). whether there is compensation, or if there is, we will discuss it later in the DPR, ‘explained before the forum node that will hold the Congress of the Padagimo Victims this month.

The aspirations of other Padagimo disaster victims said the General Treasurer of the Nasdem Party DPP, namely about the rights of victims who should be involved in the process of distributing stimulant funds, the heirs of the victims, the Huntap problem and he was also heard about the shelter. “This cannot be ignored either. The victim’s rights also,” he explained brightly.

The basic point is, said the Chairperson of the DPR RI Nasdem Party Faction, which has arrived at the delivery of aspirations to the leadership of the DPR RI, which is related to the whitening/reasoning or the elimination of credit for victims of debtors at Padagimo. “I have brought this aspiration by accompanying FPPH to the Chair of the Indonesian Parliament, Mr. Bambang Susatyo. Mr. Bambang asked for valid and updated data about the number of debtors. Where is it, FPPH,” said Mat Sun.

He also disagree, if there was a statement from the Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla, there was no need to abolish the victim’s credit. ‘”How can someone be able to get up and be strong if all of his assets which are collateral for business credit have been destroyed, he is still obliged to pay to banks and financial institutions. This is an unfair thing, this is the victim’s civil rights. If there is coercion that is savagery,” said M Ali.

He proposed so that there are efforts to relax the debtor. Namely with the scheme; paused, delay with relaxation. “I think the credit has been removed everywhere and which is delayed for relaxation. That’s humane,” he admits.

Therefore, he disagreed if the struggles were delivered with a show force, street and emotionally and angrily. “I will personally be together in the line of struggle of the victims. But I did not agree with show force, anger, and verbal abuse. We must prioritize non-litigation standing. We have to be smart, strong and right to bring victim data. I agree that the country must be here,” he said.

Akhmad H Ali also will not counter the statement of Vice President JK as Chair of the Disaster Task Force with the demands of Padagimo victims which had an impact on political sensitivity. “Be assured that we are fighting as representatives of the people of Central Sulawesi in Jakarta. There is Mr Maman, Pak Muhidin, we will all work together to fight, still long. Don’t continue to conflict with the Vice President’s statement with the victims, ‘he asked.**


  1. All Stakeholders must Build Empathy and
    Sympathy on Disaster Victims;
  2. Struggle for the Elimination/Delay of Debtor
    Loans Need Valid Data and Updates Supported by Victim  Communities and the
  3. Debt Relaxation through OJK and the Government;
  4. As a People’s Representative in the Republic of
    Indonesia Parliament Ready to Escort until There Is Strong Legitimacy Against
    the Handling of Disaster Victims in Padagimo;
  5. Economic Growth in Disaster-Affected Areas Must
    be stimulated through the Investment Policy (Capital);
  6. Disaster Recovery Struggle should not be
    Legislative Electoral Incentives in Political Year;

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