Polda Questions Chairperson of DPRD Morut

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Reporter: Ikhsan Madjido

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Morowali Regency (Morut) DPRD, Syarifudin Majid, fulfilled the call of the
Central Sulawesi Regional Police Corruption Criminal Investigator to be
questioned as a suspect on Friday (03/08/2019) at around 14.30 WITA.

Head of Central Sulawesi Sub-dept. of Public
Relations Penmas, Kompol Sugeng, on Sunday (03/10/2019) confirmed the
Chairperson of the Morut DPRD had been examined in the Central Sulawesi
Regional Police Directorate of Criminal Investigation examination room.

“It has been examined as a suspect related to
the construction of the Morut DPRD office,” said Kompol Sugeng.

According to him, the examination of the
Chairperson of the Morut DPRD was carried out after the Friday prayer, after
being postponed beforehand because he was not accompanied by his lawyer.

“In the morning, it hasn’t been questioned,
because he hasn’t been accompanied by his legal advisor,” he said.

The results of the examination are of course in
order to fulfill the construction of the alleged corruption case against the
The Central Sulawesi Regional Police have not yet
detained Syarifudin Majid.

“There was no detention. If it is still
needed, it can be questioning again, “said Sugeng.

As well known, the Chairperson of the North
Morowali District Parliament (Morut), Syarifudin Majid was summoned by the
Central Sulawesi Regional Police, to be questioned as a suspect on Friday (8/3)
at the Central Sulawesi Regional Police.

This is based on a copy of the summons obtained by
Kaili Post as it circulates on WhatsApp at this time.
In the copy of the summons number
5/Pgl/61/II/2019/Dit Reskrimsus dated 27 February 2019 signed by the Director
of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police Criminal Investigation Commissioner
Arief Agus Marwan, explained the summons to the Chairperson of the Morut DPRD,
Syarifudin Majid, to be heard as a suspect in the case of the alleged
corruption of Rujab Land Procurement Morut Regency DPRD Leadership in Fiscal
Year 2015 was IDR 588,000,000, Planning of the New Building Morut DPRD Office
for Fiscal Year 2015 amounted to IDR 298,485,000, and Construction of the New
Building Morut Regency DPRD Office Phase I 2016 Budget Year IDR 14,314,919,000.
This alleged corruption resulted in a loss of Rp. 8,493,751,333 to the state /
region in Morut Regency.

The summons was also sent to the Morut Regency
DPRD Honorary Board in Kolonodale to notify investigators of Subdistrict III of
the Corruption Criminal Investigation Unit in Central Sulawesi Regional Police
conducting an investigation into the alleged Corruption Eradication of land
acquisition in the Morut Regency DPRD in Budget Year, planning the Morut DPRD’s
new office building. 2015, and the construction of the Morut Regency DPRD office
building in Phase I of Fiscal Year 2016.**

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