France Provides Palu Bay Mangrove

Source: Humpro Central Sulawesi

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FRENCH Government provides assistance to the Government of Central Sulawesi
Province worth 1 million euros or around Rp. 16 billion. The assistance is
intended for planting mangroves on the coast of Palu Bay as well as the
economic recovery of fishermen after the earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction.

The assistance was carried out in the form of the signing of
cooperation between two NGOs from France and Indonesia which will carry out the
French assistance project at the Central Sulawesi Governor’s Office in Palu on
Tuesday (05/07/2019).

The signing was witnessed by the Governor of Central Sulawesi, Longki
Djanggola and the French Ambassador to Indonesia Jean Charles Berthonnet, and
members of the French Parliament Anne Genetet.
“Such a large amount of funds for planting mangroves along Palu
Bay as well as assistance for fishermen as many as 650 boats. The goal is to empower
the fishermen’s economy,” said French Ambassador, Jean Charles Berthonnet.

Jean Charles Berthonnet, admitted, was proud to come back to Palu to
see the condition of the community after the earthquake. French government
itself helped provide assistance for the economic recovery of citizens and
ecology-based city development.

Previously, he explained,  French
government had provided clean water assistance to the community.

Governor of Central Sulawesi, Longki Djanggola, said that planting
mangroves and empowering the economy of the community has indeed become the
focus of the current government. The government is said to be monitoring so
that assistance does not overlap with the action plan activities that the
government will do.

“We hope that in the future French Government can help housing for
fishing communities,” Longki Djanggola said.

According to Longki, the economic empowerment assistance of fishing
communities will be handed over directly to the community based on studies and
observations that have been carried out by French NGOs. **

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