Stimulant Fund Wait for Pokmas

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Reporter: Firmansyah Lawawi

DISBURSEMENT OF Stimulant fund for repairs of heavily damaged, moderate and mild houses due to the disaster, in the area of ​​Palu City still through in a long and complicated process.
The Head of the Palu BPBD, Presley Tampubolon, confirmed that the progress of the realization of the temporary Stimulant funds was still at the stage of forming a Community Group (Pokmas) at the kelurahan level.
“For now, the formation of Pokmas will be held at the kelurahan level. In this case the administration data is consolidated such as re-validation of NIK number data, KK and proof of home and land ownership of prospective recipients of Stimulant funds,” Presley said.

In conducting repeated data validation, the kelurahan will be accompanied by a facilitating team that has been trained by the Central Sulawesi Provincial PUPR Office.

The mechanism for establishing Pokmas itself is formed and authorized by the local government. In this case the kelurahan.

After that, the accounts of each Pokmas will be made. “Members of the Pokmas, are residents of prospective beneficiaries. The members consist of 15 to 20 people. Each group is accompanied by consultants from the government. Later, the Pokmas make a plan through a proposal. After that, new disbursements can be transferred to Pokmas accounts,” explained Presley.

Estimated calculation of Stimulant funds in the city of Palu, according to the conditions of the house. For heavy damage amounting to Rp50 million, medium Rp25 million and light Rp.10 million.
However, for the first stage of the disbursement of the Stimulant funds, priority was given to the condition of houses severely damaged by natural disasters.

The total Stimulant funds for the city of Palu are as much as Rp82 billion more. With the number of recipients of the funds totaling 1,594 people.

Related to the Stimulant fund allocation for heavily damaged houses amounting to Rp50 million, but in the realization of these funds is not sufficient, Presley explained that the allocation of funds intended for damaged homes for qualification type 36 models.

“The construction of the estimate is without using ceramic floors and ceilings. Therefore, the funds are sufficient according to the amount of the allocation. If the funds are excess, other supporting infrastructure may be proposed. Such as the addition of a house terrace and so on, up to Rp.50 million fulfilled. In the sense of no less and more,” he said.

He added, for the people who have rebuilt their homes, without waiting for the disbursement of the Stimulant funds, they will continue to make changes to the funds they spend to rehabilitate their homes.

“This is in accordance with the guidelines set by the Governor of Central Sulawesi. That the people who have built their own homes will be replaced. But they have to have documents. Such as photographic evidence of damaged houses, before they do rehabilitation again,” he said.

The central government itself has been pushing to prepare the disbursement of Stimulant funds for phase two. “It also makes it difficult to prepare data. Phase one has not yet begun distribution, now we are prescribed for the second stage. So which one should be concentrated first,” he admitted.

While the data in urban villages such as NIK, KK and land ownership data have not all been accommodated. Plus the energy that handles it is limited.

Therefore, the head of the Palu BPBD admitted that he would prioritize the disbursement of the first stage of the stimulus funds. After that, it will continue to the next stage. **

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