Two Parimo Transportation Trucks Transporting Staples to the Mobile Market

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pelepasan Psar Murah Mobile Pemda Parimo/Ft: Humas Pemda
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Parigi Moutong,- The Head of the Parigi Moutong (Parimo) District Transportation Agency (Dishub) Jony Tagunu is plunged two transportation trucks transporting staples will be distributed to the bazaar Mobile Market on seven districts.

The staples are distributed to the bazaar Mobile Market organized in Porimo industry and tradling (Perindag).

The head of the Transportation Department, Parimo said the role of played by his side in the implementation of market the arrangement of vehicle parking.

Kadis said, is Dishub will be continued to oversee the implementation of the Market in the seven districts that have been determined.

“We will involve Dishub personnel who are the escort to terminal the District be held bazaar market,” explained the Head of Dishari Parimo, when met by Kailipost, on Monday (11/5).***

Reporter: Supardi

Translator: Sary

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