Online Campaign, will it be effective?

Ilustrasi Kampanye berbasis Online (Daring). Oleh: Nizamulhaq

Writer: Muh. Nizamulhaq

Palu city, During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people activities were carried out through the online system (in the network).
The purpose of this is all activities carried out by humans are using media that can support and assist the process of human activity itself.

For example just communicated, In terms of communication must be use that media support. Whether from the individual to other, even though both who must be a medium of communication. Including in terms of politics, because in the near community of Palu City and Central Sulawesi will welcote to democratic parties or regional head elections (Pilkada).

Bacaan Lainnya

The questions, is effective political activities carried out online? Remember the first of history the stage of Indonesian politics.

We know that, before the pandemic are coming, the candidate pair of mayor or governor have still carried out campaign activities. But, because of covid 19 Pandemic are still pendemic in Indonesian and Central Sulawesi Province, the several of campaign activities will caused association to be prohibit by the general election commission. Because of will certainly associations where it is very vulnerable to the spread positive cases of Covid-19. So, this campaign will be online.

The constrains that will arise because of the online system is could be caused by the less capable. There are still many communities in Central Sulawesi and especially Palu City do not have other smartphone tolls other digital communication. The form we don’t know is exactly how to campaign through this online system. So, the effectiveness of campaigning through this online system is still a question. ***

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