The victim of liquefaction in Petobo held a demonstration at DPRD office

Warga korban likuifaksi Petobo, melakukan aksi unjuk rasa di depan kantor DPRD Sulawesi Tengah (Sulteng), Kamis (25/6/20) @kailipost/Nizam
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Palu City,- Refuse to be Relocated, Residents of Petobo have liquidation victims, staged a demonstration in front of the Regional People’s Representative Assembly in Central Sulawesi on Thursday June, 25 2020.

The purpose of demonstration to voicing Petobo people aspirations, which do not want to be relocated, and ask the fund be disbursed in transparency. Because, there are still many people until the day of Petobo, have not have not received assistance.

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So long time ago, we want to SK of occupancy fixed was revised until now, from the Remote Desktops on 2018-2019 Occupancy fixed SK will not revised. We want to defend our ancestral lands. And we just want to Remote Desktops build in the Petobo of above areas. Said Ista who one of the victims to, On Thursday June, 25 2020.

 Ista explained, if until Monday they are not moved, they are will do sleep action in front of office Regional People’s Representative council in Central Sulawesi.

The action activity was attended by members of the Commission 2 of the Provincial People’s Representative Council, Yahdi Basma with the Chairperson of the Padagimo Special Committee, Budi Luhur. ***

Reporter/editor: Muhamad Nizam/Yohanes  

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