Viral! People without Symptoms Taken by a Psychiatric Hospital Palu Because of Stress

Hamaruddin, Penanggung Jawab Pondok Perawatan Asrama Haji/ft: moh Nizam KP

Palu city,- The people without symptoms in Palu City who was rushed to Madani psychiatric hospital Mamboro Palu City in Central Sulawesi. According to the information, a person is the female gender from the Palu City.
According to Hamaruddin, person in charge of Asrama Haji treated, that even incident on Thuersday, June 11 2020 4 o’clock in the afternoon. People without symptoms patients that suspected have a psychological disorder that caused the patient raged when he finished the prayer Ashar in congregation.

The initial of people without symptoms is “S” aged 54 years old female who is a referral patient from the Kawatuna public health Center, in Palu.

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A meanwhile, director of Madani Undata Hospital Dr. Nirwansyah Parampasi, Sp. PA to editor admits to accepts people without symptoms from treated cottage of Asrama Haji Palu, because stresfull. He has not been able to provide further information on the patient.” The information she was going to suicide.” Explained by dr. Nirwansyah Parampasi.***

Reporter: Muh. Nizam

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