Gateball Team of PU BM Central Sulawesi, 1st Winner International in Thailand

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reporter/transleter: Syaifullah Djafar/jesica porogoi


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GATEBALL Team of Public Works Agency Central Sulawesi back achieving a success internationally. This time, in the championship of Thailand Gateball, the team won the first prize. ” Thank God, gateball of Public Works Bina Marga Central Sulawesi achieved 1st prize international in Thailand. Tomorrow the entourage will arrive in Jakarta, ” he said to Kaili Post last night in Palu before heading to Jakarta via WhatsApp.

He is as a builder of Public Works Agency gateball team, Central Sulawesi will jointly troupe and official sport ‘Palu Ball’ received by Minister of Public Works in his office tomorrow (Tuesday; 08/03) in the Ministry of Public Works and the housing in Jakarta as Chairman of United of  Indonesia Gateball (PERGATSI). The entourage besides reporting first winner international in Thailand, but also strengthen the friendship.


According to Syaifullah, Public Works Bina Marga of gateball team’s victory also owned to the intense training performed by Governor Longki Djanggola as a builder of Pergatsi Central Sulawesi. He planned later with the entourage will also report it to the governor Longki Djanggola. ”Tomorrow we arrived in Jakarta and directly visit the Ministry of Public Works. After that, it is planned the day after tomorrow will going back to Palu at the same time reporting to the Governor, as the builder, ” explained by Head of Public Works Bina Marga it again.

United of Indonesia Gateball (PERGATSI) of Sulteng since its inception until now continued gathering achievement at national and international level. In Central Sulawesi, there are at least 63 gateball clubs. All clubs practiced in several district field. For Palu City, there are as many as 10 gateball fields. ***

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