PLN Affirms Not Selling Meter Box

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Reporter/Translator : Moh. Ridwan / Jessica Porogai


THE DISTRIBUTION Of the electric meter box is traded by certain people who are also claimed as an officer of PLN lately makes residents uneasy. Why not, the meter box sales offered varying prices. In response,  PT. PLN Persero Sulutenggo Region stated unequivocally never sells the meter box.

The modus done by certain elements, trading the electric meter box is to enrich themselves individually in deliberately scalping the name of PLN. Information circulated, the meter box sales by irresponsible people is not only happening in the city of Palu, but almost all regions, especially to the new territory which just received the electricity network supply.

Actions are carried out by certain people for the sake of making a profit out of the public was clearly categorized  as a fraud and criminal action. In addition, also tarnishing the good name of PLN.

The traded meter box has a form of box made from a plastic material to functionate the electric meter safety.  Quoted from, the target of meter box sales done by irresponsibility people is mostly on the Villages where people do not understand and can not distinguish between PLN officers, installers or outsourcing officers.


“I paid Rp 350.000 for this PLN Meter Box” said Daniel, the Rahmat Village resident of Palolo sub-district, Sigi district.  As confirmed through WhatsApp, Manager of PT. PLN Persero Sulutenggo Region, Emir Muhaimin argues, the distribution of traded electric meter box  in the community are not their products.

In fact, he said PLN had never sold products in addition to new installations, changed of power and special electric services. Besides, the payment of all electricity products through online is using a registration number.

“No, PLN never sells the meter box products.” said Emir answering reporters’ questions. Emphasized again, “Do not ever leave payment or compensation of any kinds of form to people who deliberately at behalf of PLN. Preferably, if it is detrimental to public should be reported to the authorities. ***


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