Central Sulawesi, First in East Indonesia

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GOVERNOR Longki Djanggola just launched three public service programs. Firstly, Information Systems Investment and Licensing Services and non Perizin either integrated (e-SiiDAT). Second, the Payment Service System Local tax and motor vehicle registration or e-SAMSAT. And third, the Opera-Services Systems Electronics Kalatalog Central Sulawesi Business Partner Directory or e-kaledo’S. Pogombo launching was directly held in building the Governor’s office, Thursday (04/13/2017).

In his speech, Governor Longki said, the service program is a new momentum in utilizing information technology in the process of providing services to the public because information technology development is a strategic opportunity that can be implemented for local governments that aims to provide an effective and efficient, so that changing patterns of service services that are conventional to information technology (IT) because information technology has an important role to the progress of a country. “The country is a country of advanced technology including information technology,” said the Governor.

Former Regent of Parigi Moutong for two periods is also a Chairman of the Council of Central Sulawesi Gerindra said, IT has been used as the core of competency for a local authority, so that the process becomes very important for technological development. The core of competency according to him, is defined as an excellence competitive that is the hallmark and a pledge to support the independence of regional competitiveness. So, thus the need for IT to government is an absolute order to answer the challenges of globalization. In this regard, the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government will present three of the latest innovations. The third system is the service he explained, is an application that can be accessed online 24-hour one.

“The public can do, either payment of taxes, licensing process and businesses partners can market their products which has a value of prospective,” he said. The three services of this application added the Governor, the system first service in East Indonesia, and as a follow-up results of the action plan program of corruption prevention is integrated provincial government of Central Sulawesi in 2017 by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the cooperation between the Government of West Java through cooperation replication of local, network programs across the region management in order to increase government and public services.

He hoped that this innovation can prevent corruption and bribery, so the frequency of face to face between the apparatus with the public can be eliminated with this application. In addition, the implementation of this system can help people get the service that is easy, fast, accurate and transparent so as to bring the business licenses, tax payments and to market products that are simple, accountable, have time certainty and clarity of procedures.

The launching was attended by the deputy chairman of the Commission Basaria Pandjaitan, head of the Corps Traffic Police Headquarters Inspector General, Royke Lumowa, the representative of the Governor of West Java, Central Sulawesi police chief, Brig, Rudi Sufahriyadi, Deputy Prevention Commission, representatives BKPM RI, members of Parliament Ri, member DPD, deputy chairman of the parliament of Central Sulawesi, Alimuddin Pa’ada, Prog representatives and representatives of the Ministry of the Interior. **

Source/translate: TMG/mahbub/jesica porogoi

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