Democracy Index Central Sulawesi Dropped 4.47 Points

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SULTENG,- INDONESIA Democracy Index (IDI) on Central Sulawesi 2016 reached 72.20, went down 4.47 points compared to the year 2015 which was 76.67 is above the national IDI achievement of 70.09. However, it is still below the 2015 – 2016 National Medium Term Development Plan target of 75.00. The level of democracy in Central Sulawesi globally is still in the moderate category with the details of 80 being categorized as being in good level, 60-80 (medium) and under number 60 is bad.

This data is summarized during the press release at the telephonic conference room of the Central Bureau of Statistics of Central Sulawesi Office at 12.00 WITA. In general, the Central Sulawesi IDI declined as a result of the drop in civil liberties and the political rights aspect, but nevertheless the Indonesian Democracy Index still remained at the same quality, in the middle category position.

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For the best category presentation in IDI for Sulawesi region 2016, Central Sulawesi is in the fourth position with points 72.20, followed by Southeast Sulawesi 71.13 and last by South Sulawesi 68.53. The first rank achieved by Gorontalo with 77.20, followed by North Sulawesi Province with 76.34 and West Sulawesi with 72.37 points.

Some of the items that pushed IDI’s turmoil in Central Sulawesi in 2016, namely the aspect of freedom of assembly and association fell by 37.50 points, freedom of opinion 82.65, freedom of belief 6.88, the role of local government bureaucracy fell 20.51, the index of civil liberties aspect 80.39 decreased by 14.21 points but still in good category, political rights 67.89 went down 0.36, institutional of 68.76 went up 2.23 that brought into medium category while bad parliament role with points equal to 48, 28 and the role of political parties also dropped 48.28 points.

Head of Central Bureau of Statistic of Central Sulawesi, Ir. Faisal Anwar, MT in his opportunity said that, there are three aspects that play a big role, namely political, institutional and civil liberties. For national and provincial IDIs in Central Sulawesi in 2016 both fell, but we are still above the national IDI. **

Reporter: Firmansyah/Jesica Porogoi 

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