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PARMOUT,- AFTER Five prisoners of district prosecutor escaped after attending a trial last month in Palu. Now following the prisoner from Parigi district prosecutor also escaped. The reasons of Parigi district prosecutor, Jurist Sitepu snd Palu City prosecutor were relatively same. All according to exact procedures and none of his staff were negligent.

If five prisoners of theft in Palu escaped, it was because in a prison car contained 25 prisoners. And because it is full, the guarding officer sit in front. Prisoners freely opened the window and ran away by jumping around Maesa East Palu. Then how was the escape story of the prisoners in Parigi?

Muat Lebih

Reported from Parigi, after attending the trial, the detainee of the District Prosecutor of Parmout with the identity of Sahril aka Caling, the defendant of Narcotics case with Sabu managed to escape. Sahril escaped by jumping from the car prisoner of Parmout District Prosecutor when will be returned to the Detention Center of Palu in Olaya Village Parigi District on Tuesday (12/9).

Allegedly, Sahril managed to open the handcuffs and jump directly from the car while passing through the Trans Sulawesi street, precisely in front of the Emergency Department (IGD) Anuntaloko Parigi Regional Hospital at around 19:30 pm.

The High Prosecutor of Parmout, Jurist Pricisely Sitepu confirmed in his office on Thursday (14/9) said that the handling of prisoners when taken from Parigi District Court after attending the hearing to Detention Center of Palu Branch in Olaya Village is in accordance exact procedures, ie two prisoners using one handcuffs. Similarly, the prisoner who managed to escape said he, on the way to Palu Detention Center hand handcuffs with the hands of one defendant named Urin a.k.a Papa Rido.

Only, when successfully escaped, handcuffs used handcuff Sahcr hand is still stuck in the hands of Urin alias Papa Rido. So, allegedly the defendant named Sahril managed to open the handcuffs just before jumping from the car prisoners.

“We have also interrogated the defendant named Urin a.k.a Papa Rido who was handcuffed with Sahril’s hand, but Urin a.k.a Rido claimed not to see or know when Sahril opened the handcuffs while in dark condition we also treated all cuffs. myself, the defendant Sahril jumped out of the prison car while walking, “he said.

He continued, after receiving the report he immediately followed up it by reporting it to Police Chief of Parmout along with Drug Obstacles with Kanit Buser to be pursued. He explained that the defendant Sahril who was taken to the Parigi District Court to attend the trial, which scheduled examination of the witness against the Narcotics case.

Defendant Sahril he said, snared with Article 114 Paragraph 1 and Article 112 Paragraph 1 and Article 127 Paragraph 1 letter A of the law (Law) Number 35 Year 2009 on Narcotics.

According to him, to avoid the occurrence of the same fault, it replaced all the escorts. “With regard to the exact procedures it will be evaluated again. We will keep the persecution of the accused, Sahril wherever he or she is located with the help of the relevant parties,” he said. **

Reportase Bureau Parmout: Roy Lasakka/Jesica Porogoi

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