The Police Chief Suggests Residents to Report

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PARIGI MOUTONG,- THE POLICE Chief of Parigi, Iptu Muslimin urges citizens to immediately report if they get counterfeit money in circulation. Because, so far it has not received reports from residents in the City Parigi Parigi Moutong (Parmout) about the alleged circulation of counterfeit money.

In fact, related information alleging the existence of circulation of counterfeit money that began to enter the city of Parigi also not yet received. Similarly, members of Parigi Police who served on the field had not received information about the alleged circulation of counterfeit money. Only, some time ago, the Torue Police succeeded in arresting perpetrators of upal circulation.

Not only that, the Torue police also managed to secure counterfeit money Rp50 thousand and Rp100 thousand along with the original money from spending that use the counterfeit money. “Hopefully in Parigi City there is no circulation of counterfeit money, but if I find the counterfeit money, I really hope that the citizens will immediately report it to us,” said Muslimin when contacted by Kaili Post on Sunday (3/9).

According to him, if the citizen directly reported if found counterfeit money, it can make anticipation effort as soon as possible. The reason, if the counterfeit money is successfully circulated widely, would have a very bad impact. Thus, the citizens, especially traders must be more careful and alert and can recognize the type of counterfeit money.

That way, it can easily do the action in case of circulation of counterfeit money. “We hope to be like that because the perpetrators will be hard to detect if counterfeit money has been widely circulated, but we hope it does not happen again as in Torue District,” he explained. **

Reporter/Bureau Parmout: Roy Lasakka

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