General Election Commission Of Parmout Visited Kaili Post

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YESTERDAY (28/09/2017), KPU commissioner of Parigi Moutong  to make a visiting to Kaili Post. Commissioner of KPU chaired by Chairman Amelia and two members of KPU, Ikbal Bungaadjim and Korompot. While from Kaili Post led by Finance Manager, Randi Rawuli, Chief of, Ikhsan and Chief of Editor, Andono Wibisono. The meeting was conducted in a relaxed atmosphere while discussing various media developments and local political contestation.

KPU of  Parmout, said Amelia had previously formed a media center to be the spearhead in the process of information dissemination and political education of voters. Realized, he said local media still greatly contributed to the creation of success and not a political constabilization in Parmout.

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Meanwhile, another member of KPU, Ikbal Bungaadjim said that the stages of Local Election of Parmout are already running. By him, the efforts of Local Media Roadshow of Central Sulawesi is an effort to build  political education synergy on voters. ” The level of voter conformity also contributes to the media contribution. By him, the media has the same responsibility in the success of elections, ” explained by former Chairman of Parmout Monitoring Committee 2006.

Andono invited the KPU to be together to be wise in the line of impartial struggle. Thus, the media and the KPU share the same interests. ” Anyone will be elected, we are also on the editorial desk. Likewise, the KPU becomes a professional organizer of course. Our goals are the same. Synergicity should be built in frames, portions and different spaces, ” invited by the chief of editor.

Planned, early October 2017 there will be recruitment of PPK on sub-districts. After that, it is planned early in 2018 the registration for candidates for regents and vice regents will be held. It is now estimated that there are two to three prospective candidates interested in becoming candidates of regents and vice regents. ” Almost 26 thousand ID cards that must be collected to become participants from individuals,”said Korompot. **

Translater/Reporter: Randi Rawuli

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