A Year Serving Readers

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KAILI POST,- TIME PASSES By and it is so short. A year already, Kaili Post Daily Newspaper has accompanied readers in the printing media industry of Central Sulawesi. It is present not only because reading the business opportunities, but also aims for the media to become basic needs for readers. Also, not only driven by business print media passion. Yet, how the print media become a part of the civilization of its surrounding readers.

Kaili Post Daily, confirmed as a three-language newspaper. That is the attitude that used his business tool or strategy. With the typical power of character, a product must have a place in the consumer. Without a typical characteristic, he would not be a ‘part’ of his customers. Still remember until now all mineral water products are only symbolized by one brand of mineral water. The typical ‘name’ blurs other products.

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Alhamdulillah, it turns out that the strategy responded positively to the reader. Comes with Kaili language, for some citizens of Lembah Palu community as longing for the long-awaited. Educational institutions also responded to it as an effort to support local content lessons. So also with the English news. Slowly but surely interested readers, especially nowadays the world increasingly keen to make the area as a tourist destination which need an international language. The media should bear with it. Kaili Post has replied.

Hopefully, by being grateful with simple. Sharing joy, contemplating a year ago what has been done, being grateful to share with others continues to be a reminder. Yesterday the joy and happiness, we perfected by gathering together in Tri Media Group (TMG).**

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