Regent and Head of Local Communities (OPD) Visited Sukabumi

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Reporter / Bureau of Parmout: Fharadiba

PARMOUT,- BECAUSE of the shifting date of the Budget Activities Draft (RKA), which resulted from the Regent departure, Samsurizal Tombolotutu who brought all the heads of OPD to visit Sukabumi, West Java Province last week, impacted on the financial rights, Parmout Government is threatened six months will not be paid.

Bacaan Lainnya

The sanction of the administrative threat is clearly stated in Law 23 of 2014, mentioned among others if there is delay in determining Local Income and Expenditure Budgets (APBD), then the sanction is very clear that the administrative sanction does not get its rights for six months. It was revealed by a member of Commission III who is also a member of the Budget Agency (Banggar) to Parliament Hazairin Paudi to this media, Tuesday (28/11) yesterday.

Even according to him, the administrative sanction by not accepting his rights, it is because of delays in determining the APBD far beyond the provisions in the rules of legislation. Rules that he said, re-affirmed in a circular November 8, 2017 by the ministry in the country related to the deadline for discussion and allocation of the APBD.

“Based on the schedule drawn up by Forum Body around December 8th, it is only a determination, but we know the circular of the Minister of Home Affairs 8 November 2017 not later than one month before the fiscal year begins, meaning this November. In Law 23 of 2014 also mentioned if there is a delay will get administrative sanctions do not get their rights, “he said.


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