After Consumed Contaminated Food

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Students and Teachers of SD Al-Fahmi

PALU,- POLRES PALU Investigated poisoning food case on Monday 4 December 2017 at Elementary School (SD) Al-Fahmi, Jl. Gelatik, South Palu sub-district. Press relesase by Polres Palu Public Relation says that information from one of teachers of SD Al-Fahmi who became a victim of this case, Nur Sehan, S.Pd (32 year), that teachers and students of Sd Al-Fahmi around 09.00 Wita were served with cake and then on 10.00 Wita they were served with fried-rice. A couple a minute afterward, they felt disgusted, nausea and then vomited. Therefore, some of the teachers and students were took to some hospitals in Palu.

There are six hospitals where students and teachers are get treatment, namely Wirabuana hospital, Samaritan Hospital, Budi Agung Hospital, Bala Keselamatan Hospital, Anutapura Hospital and Undata Hospital.

Bacaan Lainnya

Unfortunately, hospitals are rejected to inform how many students and teachers are poisoned because the numbers of victim are still uncertainable and many vistims are still increased in each hospitals. According to information from the doctor of Bala Keselamatan, dr. Putri Michiko, explains that most of the students are disguted and vomited. The numbers of victim in this hospital are 50 and increase time to time.

Doctor analysing result of students and teachers victim of consummed contaminated food concluded that they are poisoned after consumming fried-rice served by school. The chief of Polres Palu, AKBP Mujianto, S.I.K expected that this case will no be happened in the future and do hope to all students parents and teachers to more pay attention and always beware in serving food to their children and students.

“I expect this will not happen again and I hope parents and teachers to give more attention to the food they consumed. And we will investigate deeply this food poisoning case”, said Polres Palu Chief. **

Reporter : Ikhsan Madjido

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