Dekab Parmout to Ask For Rp6 Million

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PARMOUT,- INITIALLY Protested by criticizing the recommendation of the Transportation Department of Parmout, about providing transportation allowance Rp2 million / month / member of Dekab. Unmitigated they ask for three-fold that is Rp6 million / month / member. This was revealed by Secretary of the Region, Ardi Kadir to this media after an internal meeting with all members of Local Representative’s house room chairman of the Parliament Parmout, Wednesday (29/11) yesterday.

Secretary Ardi said the meeting discussed at once unifies all perceptions about budgeting allowances for transportation to all members of parliament. “The result is no agreement whatsoever because the local representative’s house’s request is estimated to Rp 6 million. While the results of surveys and technical calculations that have been done by the Transportation Department, the rate of transportation allowance is only Rp 2 million / month, “said Ardi.

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The difference in number is quite far away, from Rp 2 million to Rp 6 million. Although it can not be concluded how the exact number, but according to him the entire team is currently doing the budget preparation of the DPRD’s financial rights will conduct a review and rationalization again.

If, in the preparation, the value of Rp6 million / month can be budgeted by APBD and does not violate the rules, then according to him it can be done. “However, for the moment I have not been able to confirm and agree to all members of parliament that the request of parliament valued at Rp6 million is immediately accepted. Because, there are still many considerations that I must think in determining the request, “he said.

He added that basically the DPRD members are not refusing to budget Rp 2 million / month, but they only consider that the number is not rational compared to other regions, which currently has implemented the program. “We will rationalize again as to what the calculations are, and technically we will call Transportation Department to ask for the study and what calculations they use in calculating the transportation allowance,” he explained.**

Reporter/Parmout : Fharadiba

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