Labor Intensive Honor is Stagnant at Supervisory Level

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PALU,- LABOR Intensive Program is one of the Palu City government program for community empowerment to reduce unemployment and eradicate poverty or zero poverty. But this time constrained in the payment of their wages. One member of Dekot from Commission C, Sucipto S Rumu told Kaili Post on Wednesday (29/11/2017) responded that the cause of the delay in the disbursement was caused by the negligence of field supervisors in entering the report to the next level.

He also added that the supervisory system in Labor Intensive administration is very tight. In the course of the journey it is cumulative. If in some urban villages of Palu in depositing a report is not done simultaneously, or there is a delay in administrative deposits in other sub-districts, then the disbursement of funds cannot be done, because the budgeting system is in accordance with applicable mechanisms.

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“After being traced and listening to a statement from The Local Government Budget Team Secretary at the PANSUS session that the delay in the payment of the Labor Internsive wage was constrained by the slow payment of administration from the field supervisor,” he concluded. Responding to the issue of the abolition of the Manpower program in Palu city, he said it was only a growing rumor at the moment.

“We have received reports from some of the people on the issue, but from what kind of source, the rumors cannot be justified for its validity, what is the current program of the city government is good, such as reducing the wages of Labor intensive to be transferred to development programs and making infrastructure more crucial, such as the construction of sub-district office, road repair and drainage and so on “he said.**

Reporter : Firmansyah

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