Poso Regent Represents, Sulteng to The National Level

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POSO,- ALTHOUGH The leadership was not enough for two years, Bumi Sintuwu Maroso, Darmin Agustinus Sigilipu, has now recorded a number of good records for Poso District. This time, Darmin won an award from the Governor of Central Sulawesi, as the first winner in terms of planting One Billion trees in 2016 ago.

In the Decree of the Governor of Central Sulawesi numbered 522.4 / 558 / DIS.HUT / G, ST / 2017, in addition to Poso Regent, Darmin Agustinus Sigilipu who won the first winner, also listed the Regent of Sigi, Muhammad Irwan Lapata and Banggai Regent, Herwin Yatim. Both are designated as winners of the second and third winners. Earlier, the Poso Regent, Darmin Agustinus Sigilipu, was also awarded as a football coach with a good reputation from the Minister of Youth and Sport Affair, Iman Nahrawi, several months ago.

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Known, the three winners as mentioned above, will represent Central Sulawesi Province, to be assessed by the National Level Assessment Team. “For me, in addition to the first prize winner as the pride of all people of Tanah Poso, which is no less important to be grateful is the trust of the Governor of Central Sulawesi Province to Poso District, to get a national assessment. As a Head of Region, I feel the need to convey warm gratitude to all Poso society so far, for his support in carrying out the mandate of leadership “, said Poso Regent, Darmin Agustinus Sigilipu, invites people to always be optimistic in realizing the change towards a better gradually forward.**

Reporter / Editor : Darwis Waru

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