Poso Youth Declared Pancasila Victory Center

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POSO,- Quietly, a number of youth in Poso, recently declared the presence of Pancasila Victory Center. The youths across religions and ethnic groups, claimed to be called to bring a togetherness house in an effort to maintain Pancasila amid various insurgencies. “As a youth, I think we should take a role in the effort to maintain the heritage of the nation’s founders, one way is to present consolidation post”, said Chairman of Pancasila Center, Muh. Faisal, SH. The same thing was delivered by Irfan Rengga, as the Postal Secretary.

He invites all elements of youth to remain in the forefront of defending Pancasila as the basis of the state. “We see a tendency for the elite of the current power to begin to forget the national commitment, so that it seems less concerned about national unity”, said Ifan who is usually called his friends with Bung Baim. It is known that Pancasila Victory Center, Poso District which located at Tawongan sub-district is not only limited to gathering places and discussions, but also will perform advocacy roles on a number of issues faced by the people. “So the spirit of the struggle is how the spirit of cooperation is re-grown in the search for a mutual solution according to Pancasila’s mandate towards a just and prosperous society,” said Irfan, asserting the newly formed Regency Board will further shape the management structure below it to the village and sub-district level.

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Kaili Post Monitoring, Monday – 27/11/2017 then, at the secretariat, Ummana Solli Street, Tawongan sub-district. The declaration was attended by at least 30 youth and students.

Reporter / Editor : Darwis Waru

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