Single Concert of AS, A Thrilling Farewell Party

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Reporter/Morowali : Bambang Sumantri


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MOROWALI,- TEN years of the Regent’s leadership period – Deputy Regent of Morowali District, Anwar Hafid – Sumisi U Marunduh (AS), certainly kept unforgettable memories. The 18th Birthday of the Morowali Regency, held on December 5, 2017, which is the last anniversary of his leadership with various activities are held until the end of December 31, 2017.

Pamper the community with a number of entertainment and party carpet as well as cheap markets certainly welcomed by various levels of society even though those who responded to italics. However, according to media monitoring in the field, during the event took place, the enthusiasm of citizens is very big. The special offer was not missed by Anwar-Sumisi at the event. On Friday (09/12/17) night, the Vice Regent, S U Mrunduh held a solo concert by bringing 10 songs which were applauded by the boisterous crowds of about 1,500 spectators who attended. Meanwhile, on Saturday (10/12/2017) night, Anwar Hafid’s turn featuring a single concert that witnessed about 3,000 spectators who packed Bungku City Square.

Unlike the capital’s artist, the audience was hysterical when Anwar Hafid brought his songs. But while singing dangdut songs, Anwar stepped off the stage and sang with the audience and was like being hypnotized. The audience was there to tug at the hands of the regent just to get closer, participate sway full of joy. Not to forget all the officials went up to the stage also danced.


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