Union Bangunan Organized Blood Donor

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PALU,- IN ORDER to commemorate its 3rd anniversary, Union Bangunan rolled out blood donors and free medical examination. The activity rolled out on Friday, 9/12/2017 at Bundaran Palupi Kec. Tatanga Palu city got positive responses from visitors. The visitors were not only come from surrounding people, but also from people outside Palu city. “This event is very helpful. Because I don’t need to go far away to examine my health”, said one of the visitors.

The other visitors expected that what they have done can provide a helpful to other people who do need blood and became a reward to whom have donor their blood. “We hope this event will become a blessing to whom needed. Other than, it will add bloodstock in PMI and support healthy lifestyles campaign by regularly blood donor”, she added.

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An executive committee said that the event made a proud itself to them. Because in the event they can help surrounding people care about their health. “We also can help PMI (Indonesian Red Cross) increasing bloodstock”, she said.

The blood donor carried out in several steps, that is weighing weight > 45 kg, Hb checking is 14 and blood pressure examination is 110/65 mmHg – 150/85 mmHg. Some of the blood donors will donor their blood next time. By high enthusiasm of donors will help PMI provide bloodstock to people who need it.**

Reporter : Ikhsan Madjido

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