Commemorate Mother’s Day

IKD Anjangsana Goes to

KAILIPOST.COM.- PALU – Celebrating the Mother’s Day, Family Board Association (IKD), which is the wife’s association of 35 members of Dekot Palu, conducted a charity activity by giving the aid of daily needs in the form of dozens of instant noodle doses, rice and so on to some orphanages on Wednesday (20/12 / 2017). The Annual event is also a series of humanitarian agenda of IKD Dekot Palu.

The group led by Hj Nemma Ishak Cae started the visit to the Darussalam Orphanage on Abd Rahman Saleh Street. Then continued to As Salam Orphanage in Petobo Village. On that occasion the chairman of the IKD told reporters that the anjangsana event was held in order to commemorate the day of Mother, as well as the form of concern from IKD to others.

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” This activity we do every year, for the funds used are taken from the mother’s mother and IKD social gathering.  Although the value is a little, yet hopefully can provide benefits and ease the burden of our relatives in need, ” he said. ***

Reporter : Firmansyah

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