138 Siswa Ikut OSN Tingkat SD

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KAILIPOST.COM,- PARMOUT- AS MANY As 138 students attend the National Science Olympiad (OSN) conducted by the Education and Culture Office of Parigi Moutong District, Wednesday (21/2). Head of Education and Culture of Parmout District, Adrudin Nur to Kaili Post said, OSN activities for elementary school students at the district level is an annual agenda that carried out his side.

While the number of 138 students who became participants in the activity said he, all come from 23 districts in Parmout District. In addition, 138 students were accompanied by as many as 23 companion teachers from each school.

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“The field of study that is competed in the activities, namely math and science that are included in science. This activity will last for one day which is also attended by a team from the Provincial Education Office of Central Sulawesi. As previously, the champions in this activity will represent Parmout District is reserved for fifth graders, “he said.

Furthermore, he said, in the activity, all participants are expected to get attention, not only the science alone.

However, all participants or who will represent the Parmout District can be considered personality.

He hopes, all students who follow the activity is not only prepared to follow the race alone. However, all such students must be motivated by other students in their respective schools. Not only that, all the students must also be instilled in the soul of the competition which he considered to be an achievement as well.

“Hence, in the meeting we held with the teachers on the sidelines of OSN activities, I urge the teachers to instill it to the students who become participants. I would be very proud if these students become a motivator for other students in school and have a soul competition, “he said.***

Reporter/Parmout: Roy l. Mardani

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